From the Ground Up!

We offer 3 levels of study; a public circle, an intermediate circle and an advanced circle that leads to becoming an active member. Becoming part of the gnostic brotherhood is a very personal choice and there is no obligation. All our Centers are solely sustained with the good will of its members.

We have received this great knowledge free of charge, so it is kindly offered to others in the same manner. 

Our Institutions are humbled and our instructors are always willing to share their experience with those interested in the gnostic studies.

"It is our goal, to find psychological freedom, unlock our minds and open the doors of perception".
Our Motto is Thelema: Will Power!

An Irrational State of Mind

With their equations and their measurements, the early scientists discovered truths none of the classical scholars had known in Astronomy, Chemistry, and Physiology; human began to understand the world with their numbers and patterns.

The defining characteristic from this modern form of consciousness was the decision to employ science and technology to control nature for our own use; obviously there is nothing wrong with that, however; the widespread conviction of the industrial world was that nature was inferior to us.

Such a world view in which only humans have sentient feelings, allowed all nature to become nothing more than a “Resource” we could exploit in any way we wished. Even René Descartes, "Supposedly" considered the most significant philosopher of the modern age, believed that when animals made crying sounds, they were not suffering; they were simply malfunctioning machines.

We “Humans” have gained control of the Earth processes “Supposedly” to create a better world, to provide for our children, to eliminate hunger, to have fun; and to fulfill this “Dream”, we poured forth all our energies, all our technologies and with stupendous results:

In a blink of an eye, we have exploded to 7 billion humans…

But, the irony of it all, housing and feeding these many humans, already has gutted our oceans and forests; we have ended up and achieving something like “The opposite of what we dreamt of”. It is not just that we are using up all of the energies of Earth; it is much deeper than that!

We are changing "Life’s Dynamics", and in an irreversible way. We are just beginning to realize that over the last few decades, we have profoundly altered the evolutionary dynamics of Earth: The Air, The Climate, The Rivers, The Oceans, even DNA.

A great reversal is taking place. With our languages and our machines, we have become as powerful as the planet itself.

Because of us, the Ice Caps are melting, because of us, Coral Reefs the size of mountains are bleaching white; but nothing shows this disaster more clearly than “Life Itself”. Because of us, thousands of species are going extinct each year. Nothing this devastating has ever taken place on earth since the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

We are now faced with a collective challenge no previous generation ever conceived or contemplated.

How are we to solve these problems and create a well-being for the earth’s community?

Many believe it is no longer possible, that we are heading inevitably for disaster, as the causes are too many. We are the problem!

"The Body of the Universe gave birth to our bodies, and the Self-Organizing Dynamics of the Universe, gave birth to our Minds".. Brian Thomas Swimme

We believe we can still make a difference, by changing our way of thinking, feeling and doing. We learned once as children; we can certainly learn again, but this time “Consciently”.

The Gnostic Teachings are here for this very same purpose...