“The Avatar of Aquarius arrived. Gnosis has fully rebirthed and its light continues to shine upon everywhere”

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The Gnostic Institute of Anthropology is a non-profit organization, founded by V.M. Litelantes right after the desincarnation of our beloved master Samael Aun Weor, as a supportive asset for the International Gnostic Movement. It is our primary mission to preserve and disseminate the Gnostic Teachings, across all continents of our planet.

Our Teachers, Adepts of The White Lodge, illuminated humanity with the Sacred Gnosis, and clearly established that all the human beings can achieve enlightenment through a conscious and practical work.

Through our Learning and Retreat Centers in the World, The Gnostic Institute of Anthropology offers its students a free opportunity to experience Gnosis, in light of the teachings revealed by Master Samael Aun Weor.

As Public Entity, we want to establish, that our services to humanity are only for love and devotion to our Lord JesusChrist and to the Avatar of the era of Aquarius

World Director of the Gnostic Institutions